We offer judicial, extrajudicial and arbitration assistance in the areas of civil, administrative, and business law both on a national and on an international level, and we network with other professionals specialising in criminal law, taxation law, and local body law.
We are committed to providing the most qualified services and to catering to our clients' most diverse legal needs in order to deliver highly effective legal solutions.
We understand the uniqueness of each case and, therefore, we offer tailored legal aid by choosing the best and most qualified team of specialist lawyers and advisors for each client in order to guarantee the most flexible, rapid, accurate, effective assistance and the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Our partners personally follow each client, coordinating and supervising the work of our legal teams.
Our lawyers have access to a vast traditional and electronic library, which is continuously updated, and periodically attend refresher courses.
We use state-of-the-art IT and communication tools in order to supply long-distance aid and innovative services.
Over the years, we have assisted several local bodies and a number of important banks and companies.
Guarnieri & Partners is a unique reality whose leading professional expertise and innovative approach allow our lawyers to provide a comprehensive service to business, to assist with civil and administrative disputes and with property litigations.